Single Phase S3600TL- S6000TL

Short Description:

✔️Compact and Robust

✔️Aluminum alloy die casting enclosure, permanently anti-rust

✔️IP65, ensuring waterproof and dustproof during the 25-year service life

✔️Intergrated streamlined case design with elegant appearance

✔️Dual-in-line wiring methoud, simplified one-person installation.

✔️Industrial-grade high quality components, obtaining a 25-year design life

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5kw single phase inverter

Using Digital Technology

Thinkpower PV on grid inverter using America's TI's digtal control chip,the samechip as the 2nd generation of world well-known brand SMA, so in face of external disturbance and abnormal changes in the grid,the system can automatically identify and ajudst to maximize the grid compatibility and to maintain the stability of the pv system

IP65 Outdoor Use

✔️ ruggid casting aluminum alloy case

✔️ IP65,waterproof

5kw inverter-detailed page


Big LCD Display

✔️current power,today's power,total power,dc voltage/current, ac voltage/current shown

✔️sound sensitive screen, knock the screen to wake it up

Multi-language App Monitoring

WiFi /GPRS optional


WIFI monitoring
Model No S3600TL S4400TL S5000TL S6000TL
DC side/Input parameters     
Max. DC power [W] 3680 4500 5500 6100
Max. DC voltage [Vdc] 550 550 550 550
Min. System start/Shut down voltage [Vdc] 150/100 150/100 150/100 150/100
MPPT voltage range[Vdc] 100~550 100~550 100~550 100~550
Max. input current [A] 13.5 13.5 15 15
Number of MPP trackers 2 2 2 2
Strings per MPP tracker 1 1 1 1
AC side/output parameters     
Nominal output power [W] 3300 4000 4600* 5500*
Maximum output power [W] 3680 4400 5000** 6000**
Nominal output voltage/range [V] 208,220,230,240/180-270
AC grid frequency/range [Hz] 50HZ,60HZ(auto selection),44-55HZ,55HZ-65HZ      
Maximum output current [A] 16 21 23 26
AC connection(with PE) Single phase Single phase Single phase Single phase
Current distortion(THDi) [%] <2.5 <2.5 <2.5 <2.5
Power factor [%] >99.9 >99.95 >99.95 >99.95
Maximum conversion efficiency[%] 97.5 97.6 97.8 97.8
European efficiency[%] 97.1 97.2 97.3 97.3
MPPT efficiency[%] 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9
DC reverse-polarity protection yes yes yes yes
Short circuit protection yes yes yes yes
Ground fault/residential current monitoring yes yes yes yes
Grid monitoring yes yes yes yes
DC/AC side varistors(thermally protected) yes yes yes yes
General Parameters     
Dimension(L/W/H)[mm] 480*400*180   
Weight(kg) 20.1 20.1 20.1 20.1
Embedded DC Switch Optional
Night power consumption[W] < 0.2
Isolation type Transformerless
Protection degree IP65
Operation temperature[ºC] -25 ~ 60
Heat Dissipation Convection
Acoustic noise level[dB] <25
Altitude[m] <2000 without power derating
Storage temperature[ºC] -30 ~ 80
Real Time Clock module yes
LCD Display Graphic and digital segment
Communication Interface Standard WiFi
Warranty: 5/10/15years yes/optional/optional/optional* More technical characteristics are    
avaliable on demand and customized.


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