Grid Tie Inverter TP10KTL-TP15KTL

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Thinkpower TP series

Three Phase Solar GTI

Thinkpower is a professional solar inverter manufacturer with 12 years R&D, TP series 10-15KW inverter is a compact residential solar grid connected inverter specifically designed to bring comfort and enjoyment as well as high efficiency to households. It is advantageously with clear display view from the big lcd screen, easy remote settings, easy graphics operations on app and web, communications by WIFI, P2P, LAN, GPRS, RS485.

  • Load consumption monitoring Load consumption monitoring
  • IP65 protection IP65 protection
  • Power export limit Power export limit
  • Big LDC display Big LDC display

Smart Control Monitoring

Users can check 24-hour load consumption enabled bThinkpower monitoring solution . And built-in anti-backflow limit is available to controlexport power

  • 24hours loads consumption monitoring 24hours loads consumption monitoring
  • Power export limit Power export limit
    • Model No


    • Max DC power


    • Max input current/per string


    • Number of MPP trackers


    • Ac connection(with pe)

      Three phase Three phase Three phase

    • Weight (kg)


    • Communication

      Standard WiFi; P2P/RS485/GPRS/LAN optional

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