solar warter pumping inverter

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the solar pumping system is composed of solar pumping inverter, 3 phase AC pump, and solar array. normally need more solar cell Panels in series and in parallel Connection to start pump Inverter and drive ac pump. “Thinksolar” pumping Inverter just reduce solar Panels’s quantity to running the whole pumping System. 


–Max.Efficiency up to 98.5%

–Wide MPPT Range

–avoid low volte and high current work state, extend pump lifetime

–reduce solar panel’s quantity to start system, save money


–Easy installation and free maintenance

–GPRS remote real-time monitoring

–support min. 5 pcs panels in series connection


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Technical parameter

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  • Wider MPPT range, MPPT voltage as low as 150V
  • Support minimum 5pcs standard solar panel series connection

Soft start to reduce high current impact when pump start up

WIFI monitoring

GPRS remote real-time monitoring

solar pump inverter

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